♪ (ex_likewise483) wrote in illustratedlife,


We do have some style.

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Bianca's got the greatest sense of fashion..Haha. Only $19. Great day ALKB aka chubbsterr is too chubby! ;] ..hollerr
Bianca is class.

He is NOT!

...The FBA Rebel with the Fake ID
*startes at PICTURE* hmmmmmm *ahem* woah sorry haha
I think you should read his latest livejournal entry haha.
haha we all rock. *puts bandanna over face* we all rock harrrrrdxcore ;)
i love the picture of christian just sitting there. its so great haha.
Did you see how badly we pissed off Chris & Pat with out scene & hardcore jokes?! Hahahaha.

Christian's such a ... style freak haha.

That looks like wayyyyyy too much fun...

and yeah

very stylish