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Since Yellowstone was well recieved, I'll continue the series. But in moderation; I'll leave this as the last for today.

I stood on the edge of Teton Lake and took about six pictures. The last two wouldn't compile the scale properly, but I like the overall look.

Comments welcome, and have a great night! I LOVE this community!

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that area is sooo beautiful. I've been twice. I want to live in Montana when I'm 50 and be a real cowboy, cause old men cowboys are awesome.
I AM an old man, but hardly a cowboy.

I have an alternative plan to retirement, though.

You hire on with the national park service, and they give you seasonal jobs at locations of your choice. Room and board are severely discounted, and you live on site, but you can travel from park to park, keeping your job.

yep, that's what I'm going to do!!
wow, that's awesome. maybe I'll just do that then.
So beautiful. it sorta looks like a painting. :)
why thank you!!

and it was taken with a really cheap disposable camera too!
haha, no way?!?!

and i can't help saying that i think your icon is absolutly adorable. haha
thank you!!