Who Gives a *$)# (realitydreamer) wrote in illustratedlife,
Who Gives a *$)#

Niagara Falls is a beautiful place to visit, especially in the winter.

But it can be so STARK, which I don't always find attractive, especially in a water environment.

So what would happen if I softened it up and added some color?

In THIS picture, I only softened it; I've always found the natural 'green' tint to Niagara water to be something of an enigma.

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absolutely lovely!
thank you!
I LOVE it there!! I have been a few times...its sooo pretty!!!

I'm glad you liked...and MY favorite is the second..hehehe
those are very pretty. i went there but i was little-ish so i didnt take pictures but i kinda remember it
You should go back, then.

And thank you!
i really like the first picture, if i could drive leagally id want to visit all these places, just to say ive been there haha
patience...you'll get your chance.